PSST, Want To Hang Out?

If you are reading this and were not invited to see this information, please take this time to go away. Those who were invited are welcome; please keep reading.

Map of approximate area.

The First Plan

For those of you who liked the Meeker trip last year, this is kind of the same area but up in the mountains to start.
This is dry camping, primitive spaces, and limited spots, but boondocking spots exist.
GPS 39.81653, -107.54259 is the planned camp spot give or take, and we will be in our small boondocking trailer.

Getting There Follow The Red Dots
The road leaves I-70 at New Castle, follows Castle Valley Blvd through town, then turns right on the Buford New Castle Road. Go north on 245 to 17 to 125 Blair Mtn Road, and turn into 125 Meadow Lake Road for a total of 36 miles. This is usually maintained, and the first 9 miles is paved.

As you can see, there are several riding areas.
The north area is about 17 miles away (North of CR 8) on a maintained road, it is not OHV-legal to get there because of heavy truck traffic USFS Rules.
West, you can go as far as Meeker.
East and South-East, go onto the Heart Lake area, and you can venture down to Glenwood Springs Via the Transfer Trail.

As you can see, there are many options, so we plan on being there for a while, and those dates are , Arrive June 24 – Depart July 1
Please RSVP to Debbie, so we know who is coming; please feel free to come and go as you wish.
This is an exploratory ride, so all plans are carved in Jello.

Just FYI
We have hunted or ridden most of these areas except back toward Meeker.
Some of the trails are marked as 62″, but there were no gates when I was up there, but that has been a bit. We can roll the dice.

Warm Up Rides. We are hanging out here before the above trip.

This adventure schedule is as follows: arrive on June 20th. Ride for three days. Pack up and leave for the above location on June 24th, approximately 95 miles away, and half is interstate from Dotsero – New Castle. The other roadway segments are usually graded dirt or pavement.

Camping is at the red circle 39.88377, -106.98412 and the start of the South Derby Creek Road that is the #8 rated difficulty trail. I do not know the difficulty of any of the other trails in the area.
Green circles are destinations.
The Orange area is just exploring.
To be more precise, I don’t know exactly what we will get into, on any of these rides as we have only camped in the area and visited with others who have ridden this area.

The two other riding areas one north and one south of the camp that will need trailered to. Depending on the makeup of the group we might be able to share trailers and tow vehicles.

Get with us via email or text with questions, comments, or concerns. Hope you join us.