Arvada Location

What’s so different about us?

Well, we have been in the business of RV storage since the mid-1980’s. The management team each owns RV’s and we use them a lot, and we hear what people like and don’t like. So when designing an RV storage, yard we knew what most people would want. For starters, we like wide roads, wide parking spaces, clean yard without weeds, and easy 24/7 access.
This really is the place your RV wants to be when you go home.
That’s what we are.


This is what we provide:

  • No fees or deposits required, month to month is fine with us.
  • Nice neat clean location.
    • We only store vehicles you personally use for recreation.
    • This is not a junkyard. We do not store anything that is not operational.
    • Only units less than 15 years old are accepted, proof required.
    • We do not store:
      • Cars, Trucks, School buses, Construction equipment, Semi-trailers, and etc.
      • Any type of commercial vehicle regardless of use or condition.
      • Units that are only for sale.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any unit, for any reason.
    • We do not allow anyone to run a business out of our yard, unlike several other local storage facilities.
  • Weed Free Location
    • Weeds, none here, anywhere, ever.
    • No weeds = no rodents, snakes, or other creepy critters that crawl into your unit.
  • Security Cameras to keep an eye on the storage area.
    • This is not CSI, NCIS, or any other TV show you may have seen, we do not have an exclusive 360-degree view of your unit, but we can keep a pretty good eye on whats going on on the whole property.
    • If you see something suspicious let us know what time and date it happened we do have the cameras recording all activity.
  • Eight-foot-tall fence with barb wire on top of that.
  • Large vertical tilt gate with plenty of room to enter the property.
    • Your own easy to remember personalized gate code.
    • Plenty of room to get safely off the main road before you access the gate
    • Concrete apron in the gate area so you are not slogging through the mud.
  • Fully stabilized 100% recycled concrete surface.
    • What does that mean? You will not find your unit sunk into the mud that was covered by a cosmetic coating of recycled asphalt.
  • Mud is eliminated by at least a foot of crushed concrete in all driveways and parking spots
    • No sticky oily recycled asphalt that will track tar into your unit.
  • Space to move
    • You are not crammed into a small parking space, most spaces are 13′ 6″ wide and angled with room to maneuver your unit when parking.
    • Actually, if you and your neighbor parks as directed there will be 5.5 feet between the larger vehicles. The small popup camper spaces are still at least 10 feet wide.
    • Most customers can extend standard size slides while in their parking space.
    • Opening side doors and compartments is a breeze with that much space.
    • Roads are large, far wider than you find elsewhere, plenty enough room to allow easy parking.
  •  Amenities free for customers
    • Dump station with a very large concrete pad in case of a mishap.
      • You have seen the dump stations where the surrounding ground that you must kneel and work, is wet. That does not happen here.
    • City water with good pressure
    • Air coming soon
    • Well lit location with the same street lights as used by the highway department.
    • 24/7 access to your unit
  • Property maintenance is an ongoing effort we keep this place a nice place.