Contract / Other Rates / Rules / Enforcement / Procedures


In this document, the word us or we refers to ATS RV Park LLC. in Arvada.

1. This contract is subject to change. Any changes will be updated on our website and will take precedence. 

2. The only acceptable way to notify us that you are vacating your space is by using the move-out form on the website. Your space is reserved for you until you inform us that you are vacating the property. Even if you move out, we do not know your intent, so rent will continue to accrue at the current rate until we confirm that we received your notice to vacate. “I left a voicemail” is not acceptable.

3. If you sell your unit, your contract is terminated immediately. You must notify us (See item 2) of the change of ownership. You do not have the right to transfer any storage time you paid for to the new owner. The new owner must contact us if they wish to remain in this yard. Otherwise, they must remove the unit immediately.

4. You may not perform major repairs on the unit while in the lot. If any minor repairs produce excessive debris or trash, take it to your property for disposal. 

5. Rent is due monthly and shall be paid in advance. Upon move-in, partial months are prorated, and rent will be due on the first of the month. Upon moving in, you can choose another due date other than the first if that works with your finances. Modifying the due date requires a phone call to our office.

6. You must maintain a valid email address if you want an invoice sent.

7. You are responsible for advising us of your current physical and email addresses. If your rent is 30 days past due, we will make a courtesy phone call or email reminder. When rent is 60 days past due, you will receive another notice at your last known email address. When rent is 90 days past due, we will turn the item over to a towing company for removal from our property. To get your item back, you must pay what you owe us and any additional fees the towing company adds.

8. It is your responsibility to maintain insurance on your unit. We will provide lighting and fencing as security but will not be responsible for theft, fire, or other damages.

9. Should you replace your unit, inform us immediately. A new contract is required; see #11. If your new unit is larger than your current space, you must move to a different space if one is available. If a rent adjustment is in order, it will become effective the following month.

10. Should you modify your unit to be longer than the length declared at move-in, and if it now exceeds the designated length of space you were assigned, you must move to a new space when one becomes available, which would require a rent adjustment. 

11. Any vehicle not registered to the space is trespassing and will be towed immediately at the vehicle owner’s expense.


If you are storing a motorhome, you may leave one operational street-legal personal passenger vehicle in your space while your registered unit is not there. Vehicles registered to anyone but the unit owner, is prohibited from occupying a parking space.

12. You are responsible for parking correctly in your space. If you do not park correctly, we insist you immediately move your unit. Please correctly park to avoid eviction. So, do not park against the fence, do not park protruding into the road, and park straight(ish) without crowding your neighbor. Your neighbors will do the same for you.

13. If you block another customer, you must immediately reposition/relocate your unit. If your unit remains parked where it blocks another customer’s unit, you will be assessed a penalty equal to 1 month’s space rent. Blocking another person’s unit is defined as parking such as the other person cannot reasonably access, move, or repark their unit because your unit is an obstruction. Parking in the wrong space qualifies as blocking another person’s access. 

14. If someone parked in your space, notify us immediately. Do not park in somebody else’s spot.

15. We reserve the right to relocate units as we deem necessary.

16. We do not plow snow; plan ahead.

17. Absolutely nothing is allowed to be stored outside your unit.

18. The provided dumpster allows you to dispose of small amounts of incidental kitchen-type trash generated on your trip. Our dumpster is not for your old mattresses, furniture, ripped covers, or any remodel projects. Take your trash home if it does not fit in a standard trash bag. If you bring it from your house, it cannot go in our dumpster. The fee accessed for dumping items other than what is allowed is one month’s rent for your space.

19. Dump station usage is for customers only. You must position the dump valve over the concrete apron before attaching the dump hose. All vehicles with waste hose attachments must use a waste hose. Anyone intentionally dumping waste directly on the dump station apron will be immediately banned from the property. If you have a cassette toilet, use every available method to minimize your mess and clean up after yourself. Do not use anything to prop open the dump station hatch.

By entering your typed name below and pressing the “Submit” button, you adopt this as your electronic signature and agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Modifications to the above contract


If you are paying for more than one full space you get a $5 discount on each additional space.



We are going to allow you to store one (1) additional small item in your space for a minimum fee of $15.
This item must be:

Totally empty trailer, trailers have wheels, license plates, lights, etc.
A car dolly, ATV trailer, or a small accessory to your primary unit, must be empty or enclosed.
Recreational in nature, e.g. not a concrete mixer.
Part of your camping gear.
Flat or low profile so it fits at least partially under your existing unit.
Small enough so as not to encroach on another person’s space.
Placed in the space lengthwise in a normal manner.
Placed so as not to annoy your neighbor.


Place this small item at an angle, sideways, on end, or otherwise jam, stack, or pile your units together just to make them fit.
Jack one unit up on blocks just so you can stuff another item under it.
Put two 15-foot enclosed utility trailers in a 30-foot space.


Except as specified above, your approved unit is the only thing allowed in your space on the ground except for the standard wheel chocks, small wooden, plastic, or concrete blocks that you park on, and such.
Effective immediately
Unless you are on the property and actively loading or unloading your unit:
Anything that is stored on the ground must be removed, there are absolutely no exceptions for any reason.
You will receive one warning the first time we notice anything in your space on the ground. You are expected to remove the items right away. You will not receive any second notice even for a second offense at a separate time you will just be required to remove your unit from the property immediately.
This includes anything e.g. we have seen BBQs, tarps, covers, generators, coolers, trailer parts, Tupperware crates full of stuff, bags of trash, kids’ toys, bicycles, tents, household items, pallets, just to name a few items. If it is not in or on your unit it is not allowed.



Some of you have units you want to swap out like Jet Skis for Snowmobiles
We are going to allow this we just need the paperwork for both units.
From the Menu, Select > Forms > Choose Facility > Move-in Form
The units must be equal to or less than the size of the space you are renting.


For inventory purposes and so everyone can put their unit back into the proper space we need to mark your parking space number on your unit. To do this we need to attach a small aluminum adhesive label to every unit with your space number embossed into it. The only thing on the sticker will be your space number. This “sticker” will be about 1″ x 2″. It will be removable when you elect to move out. On towable units, we will place these on the tongue or pin box where they are somewhat protected from damage but still visible. On self-propelled units, we would like to put them on the face of the top entrance step where it is still visible when the steps are retracted. Hopefully, this will help everyone get the unit back into the proper space. Should there ever be an issue with your unit we can determine that right on the spot and contact the correct person promptly.


The dumpster is for you to dispose of small amounts of kitchen-type trash generated on your trip. It is not for your old RV mattresses, furniture, ripped RV Covers, RV or your home remodel projects. If it will not fit in a standard trash bag take it home with you. If you bring it from your house it cannot go in our dumpster.

The fee for dumping items other than what is allowed is 1 months rent for your space.