Measure Your Unit

All units are measured when you move in.
This is how we measure your unit.

This is a 20-foot boat
But the motor and tongue add another 6 feet so you need to store a 26-foot unit.
We sell 25 and 30-foot spaces, this boat requires a 30-foot space.

If you have a towable RV of any type the tongue counts also, just like the boats.
Both towable and self-propelled, anything added on either end is part of the length.
Future additions like bikes, tow dollies, etc. may require you to relocate to a larger space.

You are renting a specified rectangle of space. We have added a buffer space surrounding every unit for the benefit of you and your neighbor. This buffer space is not the space you are paying for so you cannot just crowd a larger unit into that space just to pay the lower rate.

This is how we maintain a very neat location where everyone is happy.

Thank You