Camera And Video Recording Policy

VERSION 1.0 DATED 3/7/12


AA Adults Toy Storage makes use of video surveillance systems on its property located at 5650 W 60th Ave Arvada CO 80003. Video surveillance systems are primarily used to record access at property entrances and at other locations deemed necessary by the property manager.

The primary purpose of our video surveillance system is to allow after-the-fact investigation of crimes committed against AA Adults Toy Storage and major crime against the tenants who store vehicles on our property. The cameras are not actively monitored by humans at all.

Tenants of AA Adults Toy Storage should be aware that video surveillance systems have limitations, and even when camera coverage exists, it may not provide the level of detail necessary to spot suspicious activity, identify criminals or clearly see license plates. Most people have an unrealistic expectation of what the video surveillance system can do, often thinking that a camera with a view of the parking lot will provide a close-up view of a person breaking into their unit, even though it is located 300′ away. If the recorded video doesn’t provide enough detail, you cannot request that the image be “enhanced and enlarged” so someone can identify the “perp”. Yes, it works that way on the CSI and NCIS shows on television, but this is real life and they just do not work that way.

If you discover your unit is broken into you will need to come up with reasonable dates to begin searching our video data. We will not look through a month of 24/7 video monitoring.

Video surveillance is not for and will not be used to see if someone took your wheel covers, which way they blew in the last wind storm or who may have bumped into your unit.


The video surveillance system is not monitored by humans at all. Cameras automatically record events that the camera recognizes as motion. The video will be recorded and data will be saved for a period of about 30 days after that the video is overwritten and not retrievable. AA adults Toy Storage is responsible for the management of the video surveillance system and has exclusive control of the release of the video recordings produced by this system.

Recorded video is not made directly available to tenants or the general public. In the event that a security incident occurs, you should report the incident to AA Adults Toy Storage. If the event occurred in an area where video surveillance coverage is available we will review the recorded video and make a determination if any video relevant to the incident is available. This video will be used by AA Adults Toy Storage to aid in any investigation and resolve the reported security incident.

If a major crime is committed, you should contact the police. If it is believed that recorded video from the surveillance system at the AA Adults toy Storage property would assist in the investigation of the crime, the police should be told to contact AA Adults Toy Storage. If the relevant video is available, we will gladly provide a copy of the event to the police.

We look forward to never having to use this very expensive piece of technology but…